tantraWhat could be more voluptuous than one hour massage … Of course, two hours. Want to enjoy a kingdom of sensations ? It is worth visiting the ” BEATIFIC TEMPLE ‘ Braşov Center!

The Beatific team invites you to spend blissful magical and enchanting experience by tantric massage . You can come alone or in couple and enjoy a real pampering experience, that helps you to relax, regenerate and also to taste the pleasure of tantric eroticism, who can lead you to the heights of ecstasy in body, mind and soul.

The massage, as source of well- being and happiness , gives you the acces to soul and pure spirit, get out of yourself through a state of complete abandon . This experience purifies and revitalises the being on all levels, from the physical to the subtlest .In the “BEATIFIC TEMPLE ” Center we offer tantric massages as an act of worship of the body, regarded as the ” Temple of Soul ” . Offering a deep body relaxation and pleasure, you feel like the soul reborn and revive to the Bliss, just instantly.

Melt yourself in comfort. You are caressed by skilled beings who will explore through massage tachings your body, with love and tenderness. We use good quality oil, inciting you by exotic mysterious flavors, having euphoric and aphrodisiac effects.

Each massaged area transmit sensations throughout the body , to the head. Erotic appetite increases and sexual vitality is improved by deep or slow stimulation of the pleasure points, revealed by Tantra. Tantric massage mystical experience leads you to a spontaneous and total absorption aware of each moment, eliminating thoughts, mind stoping and living in a state of blissful grant of plenary living in Here and Now . Without explain yourself each sense separately and without even thinking : ” Ah , that ‘s great now” or “I feel so happy “, you may feel that now the feelings are freely expressed.


The word Tantra is defined as fabric, warp, relationship. Tantra means a harmonious and balancing tensions twinning polar opposites, yin and yang , masculine energy and feminine energy . Tantra is a way of life that provides to human the ways of being in balance and harmony with the Universe, using terms that everyday life whenever is reserving.
Tantra is the art of living fully and consciously . Through Tantra not only get full control of the body’s energies and learn how to live forever into the heart.


Tantric Touching is a way to communicate with each other and with all your soul. Caresses always involve honesty, respect, harmony, love, because this way is possible the occurrence of extraordinary phenomena : healing , energy awakenings, deep overwhelming sensations of pleasure and happiness, sublimation energies, greater refinement of being.


Tantric massage means an experience that involves deep relaxation, regeneration, rejuvenation and healing, that awakens sensitivity and energy and ability to feel pleasure.

By the tantric massage, the erotic energy is awakened in a controlled manner and is smooth activated into the whole body and then is used as a means of healing and cleansing the body, mind and soul. Instead of dissipating energy through ejaculation , by an explosive orgasm, we learn how to navigate our erotic energy to the highest state of pleasure and bliss, yet to be fully energized and fulfilled at all levels of being.

Tantric massage helps us live the state of intense happiness, being fully aware of the present moment in a state of perfect relaxation. During tantric massage, by awakening intense whole body sensitivity and sexual pleasure, we can shift into extraordinary states of consciousness, giving of true happiness and fulfillment . We achieve the energy expansion, using and controlling the sexual energy, allowing its flow up through the body, instead of losing this energy through orgasm discharge .


Generally, orgasm first appears as a large amount of power and pleasure, which may then attract ejaculation, so there is this big misconception that they are one and the same process. But through a gradual training (tantric massage helps a lot) will separate the two mechanisms and thus can man be able to experience multiple orgasms, of long time, without losing any bit of seed and the woman may live multiple orgasms without downloading the energy.

In this way the man will become more masculine, able to live more happy , to have control over its energy , more power and charisma and more successful in all areas of his life. The woman will become more feminine and better able to live deeper orgasms which will give more sparkle, charm, joy and love.

Sexuality as fully controlled power, it gives the most intense and greatest pleasure that can be experienced by human beings. Status of happiness and freedom that generated thus are experienced at maximum intensity. Tantric massage gives you the opportunity to experience this pleasure, while teaching you how to control your sexual energy perfectly.

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